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La Mariposa Elementary School

Established: 2002
School Motto: Providing a safe, nurturing learning environment
Principal: Claudia Stepan
Colors: Royal blue and Silver
Mascot: Tiger
Current Enrollment: 586

At La Mariposa School, we strive to achieve academic excellence, foster positive self-esteem, and prepare students to become cooperative and productive citizens. To support and extend student achievement, we have established a strong partnership between the home, the school, and the community. La Mariposa uses the Ron Clark House system in grades 2-5 to promote academic excellence, leadership and kindness. Students develop leadership skills they practice on campus and also take into the community. The house teams work together on several service projects.

Students have access to a well-rounded education, including: monthly hands-on lab sessions, music instruction and performances, “Art Trek,” an art docent program, class gardens, physical education, and field trip opportunities. La Mariposa maintains a beautiful library where students can select and check out books, and a Makerspaces where students participate in large-scale projects, science experiments, and coding.